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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Poppy Cat. All words and opinions are mine (and Alice’s.) 

Alice is obsessed with cats (her own live buddies, stuffed ones and animated ones) and has an active, vibrant imagination. So it was no surprise that she has become enraptured with the UK import that has come to Sprout: Poppy Cat.

Based on the award-winning books by British illustrator and author Lara Jones, Poppy Cat is a quirky and curious cat with a passel of colorful animal friends. The motto of the show is “Making Everyday Adventures Extraordinary.”

Imagine if the toys in Doc McStuffins’ nursery took off in a speedster, leaving Doc in the dust. Or the Little Bear crew broke out of their Canadian deciduous forest and jumped into an airplane bound for the Amazon.

This is Alice’s kind of show.

The animation is an artistic combination of pastels and pop art brights, reminiscent of the artwork kids make themselves. The story lines are clever and engaging. Alice’s favorite episode is the one in which Poppy Cat and her dog, owl, mouse, bunny and badger friends find a cricket, since Alice is waaaay into bug collection in the backyard.

I will concede that the adventures just may be taking place in the imagination of Poppy Cat’s owner…but I do not want to ruin the fun.

My adventurous little girl likes this adventurous little show. I bet your little daydream, spitfire, bug catcher and friend-maker will, too.

PicMonkey Collage

The second season of Poppy Cat will premiere with a mini-marathon airing from 1-3pm on Saturday, October 25 and then begins its regular slot of each night at 7pm and Saturday mornings, too. Alice has been watching the first season of Poppy Cat via Sprout On Demand. Our cable provider, Verizon, has all the first episodes available.

There is also a Poppy Cat 3D pop-up activity app, available on iTunes for $2.99. The app includes eight different games featuring the cute characters and colorful artwork from the show.

Learn more and play games with your kids on the Poppy Cat website, and follow Poppy Cat on Facebook and Twitter.


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