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I was invited to experience Gold Peak Coffee and this is a sponsored post.

With each year that passes, coffee and I deepen the seriousness of our relationship. It is a lasting, enduring love that only grows.

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Well, truthfully it grows right along with my three kids and their busier and busier schedules and my increasing professional work time. Coffee both gives me a boost when I need it, and comforts me with a warm embrace every morning.

I had the chance to try Gold Peak Coffee and I loved it! Formerly known as Georgia Coffee, I liked its rich, traditional taste. Not too weak, not too bitter or crazy.

After my complimentary blogger supply was quickly depleted, I was able to locate lots of restaurants and other locations that offer it, and more places are carrying it than ever before.


Although I spend hours in the car each day after school, shuttling kids to practices and activities, a great cup of coffee can provide a great deal of comfort while chauffeuring. Popping in to a shop to grab a cup or stopping in for a cup while waiting for the kids can turn an afternoon around.


Do you too have a growing love affair with coffee? Tell me I am not alone….

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Gold Peak Coffee. All opinions and commentary are my own.

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