It’s the most chaotic tiiiimmme, of the year.
With the work deadlines looming
And kids always booming “Mom, take me heeerrreee!”
It’s the most chaotic tiiiimmme, of the year!

I do love the holiday season, but the pressure!

I feel like I am rush-rush-rushing at all times. I must satisfy all of the end-of-the-year obligations for work, head to the schools for special holiday programs, take the kids to various seasonal celebrations, shop for holiday gifts, ship and wrap said gifts…and all while ensuring that everything is “merry and bright” for the kids.

The only way I feel like I can truly succeed in making Christmas magical for Charlie, Eve and Alice is to give up my frosted-window fantasies of holiday perfection and simply give them the most truly relaxed and happy mother I can be. A not too stressed mom is surely the best holiday gift I can give them, because with that comes the vibe of a festive, fun home.

So this year, my mom-factured holiday magic is all about simplicity and togetherness.

That means…

  • Ordering take-out on hectic weeknights…but eating it in front of a roaring fire together.
  • Doing all of the Christmas shopping for gifts online and in our pajamas. The kids and I have snuggled up on the couch to choose the perfect presents for their grandparents and cousins. And when the brown boxes arrive we are wrapping them together.
  • Trimming two Christmas trees in the house. Hey, if we only get to do this once a year, why not go big?
  • Pulling all of the holiday-themed books in the house and placing them in a special basket for Christmasy bedtime stories.
  • Relaxing a bit my war on sugar and allowing mugs of cocoa with marshmallows to accompany most meals.
  • Driving different, long ways home after evening swim practices to catch all of the cool holiday lights in the nearby neighborhoods while tuned to the holiday radio station.

These little things may not seem that extraordinary, but they are special touches I can easily and truly happily manage amidst the season’s hectic pace.

As the snow flurries blow outside and homework lessons during the holiday break from school, I will also be allowing my kids slightly more screen time .

One absolutely adorable educational app I have downloaded for Alice is the Poppy Cat Goes to the Market app by Cosmic Forces, available on iTunes. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, it is a bilingual educational app that teaches real-world concepts in both English and Spanish. I am majorly impressed that the app has been endorsed by my go-to resource for worthwhile apps for kids, Moms With Apps.



In the Poppy Cat Goes to the Market app preschoolers sort fruit and vegetables by type, learning about grouping and expanding their vocabularies. They build sandwiches, customizing their creations and learning new words. They solve puzzles, practicing their spatial learning.

Of course, all is captured in the signature Poppy Cat bright pop art colors and features the popular show’s adorable animated animal friends. (Are you watching Poppy Cat on Spout? It is one of Alice’s favorites.)

Just as the Poppy Cat app and children’s show’s goal is to make children’s everyday adventures extraordinary, I am trying to make everyday of my kids’ holiday season special…even as we slog through the everyday. 

Of course, our holiday season everyday has lots marshmallows. That’s something, right?

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Poppy Cat. All words and opinions are mine.

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