Sparkys Brain Busters

I like to think I am a trivia queen. Whether we are at a pub or playing Trivial Pursuit at home with friends, my ability to bring it in the areas of pop culture, silver screen, literature and American history makes me a worthy team member. However, I am pretty rusty in the mathematics and hard science areas.

But that is ALL OVER, now that I have Sparky’s Brain Busters.

Even though this free app was designed with kids age 9-11 in mind, I will admit that I have been really enjoying playing the game myself! I loaded the app to my phone and the family iPad for Charlie and Eve to try out, and they both are into the game. I was not expecting to like playing it myself, but the fire prevention, science, math and social science trivia questions are both entertaining and engaging!

The game functions much like Trivial Pursuit in that the player needs to answer questions correctly in different subject areas. Instead of receiving a piece of your pie, you receive an icon of firefighter icons such as a Sparky the Dog, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, Molly Williams — the first female firefighter in the U.S., Benjamin Franklin — the “Father of Firefighting,” and fire’s nameless inventor, the Caveman. Earn all five icons in two minutes to win the game.

Character choice

The game is leveled so players can choose to play as “rookies,” “stars” or “legends.” It is also great for families and classrooms because multiple players can play on their own personal devices when logged on to the same WiFi network. I love this feature, as I know my kids want to play against opponents other than the computer, but I do not feel comfortable with them playing randoms. The secure network function makes the healthy competition safe.

If you are a teacher or home schooler, be sure to check out Sparky which is packed with amazing learning resources for students, as well as expertly-designed lesson plans for all grades.

With National Fire Prevention Week coming up, October 4-10, I like that this game reinforces and teaches fire safety facts and procedures. Sparky’s Brain Busters is totally free and completely free of ads or in-app purchases. It is truly a treasure to provide to your kids!

Get Sparky’s Brain Busters for your iPhone or iPad

Get Sparky’s Brain Busters for your Android phone or tablet


Disclosure: Promoting this app is part of my duties for my position at WeAreTeachers, however, writing this blog post is voluntary. All opinions are my own. 

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