week 5

After one month of following the Jenny Craig plan I have lost 9 pounds, 7 inches (three from my waist!) … and those measurements were taken after a night of margaritas with my girlfriends. 

No, the margaritas were NOT part of the Jenny Craig plan.

But they go to prove that the progress is real. Even when you have an evening in which you go off the plan in the name of much needed revelry with friends, your hard work the majority of the time perseveres. In the photo above I can see that my face is bloated from the night before, and maybe I am retaining some water from the dehydration due to a mild hangover, but that my overall shape is much improved. Jenny Craig’s monthly measurements reveal a great deal about progress in addition to the weekly weight checks.

I also learned from my Jenny Craig consultant how to plan for special events, adjusting my caloric intake in anticipation of the night out. That day I skipped the extra items in my Jenny Craig plan that are provided for satiety, but retained the protein-packed main courses, and fresh fruits and veggies. Then that night I enjoyed my planned two drinks, knowing that these treats were not diet deal-breakers. In the past I would not have been as strategic about my night out, and would have simply proceeded as usual during the day, tacking on the evening drinks at the end without regard for the overall consumption.

And there you have the reasons for my summer weight gain! Ahh, science. No wonder my AP Bio score was such a disappointment….

I am looking forward to my weigh-in this week, knowing that there will be no agave juice to throw me off.

And I am looking forward to my second month as a Jenny Craig member! Without this plan I know I would not have lost these summer pounds … and may have in fact continued on my gaining trajectory. This reset and turn back of the scale has been amazing.

Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program can expect to lose, on average 1-2 lbs per week. I received promotional consideration.

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