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Since the beginning of 2016, not a week has gone by without one of my three kiddos missing school due to illness. Put together three schools, three kids, nine activities and crummy weather and you have a perfect recipe for colds and stomach bugs. Eve, pictured above, last month had a cold virus so intense she ran a high fever for four days and missed an entire week of school.

That’s why since 2004 we have always had a couple jugs of Pedialyte in reserve in the kitchen cabinet. Beginning when our children were toddlers we have offered this hydrating, kid-friendly formula to them when sickness strikes. Our first pediatrician recommended it when Charlie had his very first cold, and it has become part of our kid sickbed routine over the years. Rather than giving the kids an adult sports drink or soda, we like how Pedialyte prevents dehydration with the optimal balance of electrolytes, sugar and sodium for children.


I have found the best price on Pedialyte at Walmart and Walmart.com. Although I find the powder packs the most compact and easiest to store, my kids have an affinity for the traditional liquid bottles in their favorite flavors. There are freezer pops, too, which are not only hydrating but soothing on sore throats. 

Here is an Ibotta offer to help with your own Pedialyte sick day stash — click on the image to redeem.


I have been compensated by Pedialyte for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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