80s are back

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This spring break my kids have been obsessed with watching both new and old Reading Rainbow episodes on Netflix. #NetflixandChillwithLeVarBurton

Alice is all about My Little Pony but the toys and cartoon are mad sophisticated compared to the pastel plastic ponies of my childhood.

And every cool fashion blog seems to be heralding bright white Reebok princess sneakers? Fashion stars are wearing them with dresses and jeans and looking oh-so-fly while enjoying squishy old school comfort. However, when I tried on a pair last week at the mall I simply looked like an old mom wearing tennies during her commute. The very kind and young guy working at the shoe store reluctantly agreed with me…and he works on commission.

So it is no surprised that that there is now an updated answer to the hot pink plaque disclosing tablets I remember from years as kid in the 1980’s.1b240d90814f4c07b5cee36d697e08c9

I remember receiving these pink pills from the dentist and during dental promotions at school. I would take them home after school and happily be horrified as they turned my teeth the color of a Barbie car, revealing all the plaque that I needed to scrub away.

Are my kids brushing well enough every morning and night? I don’t know. They receive high marks from the dentist and dental hygienist twice a year. But day to day? I am not confident in their brushing.

In a perfect world I would be in the bathroom with them supervising their brushing technique and length of tooth care time, while lovingly stroking their hair and murmuring how much I dearly love them.

But most of the time they are up in the bathroom furiously brushing while I am down in the entry way squawking at them to hurry up and that I’m leaving without them.

So we checked out the 2015 version of the pink pills: Plaque HD professional toothpaste. Although I am wistful for the Barbie pink, what do you think of the teal?

greeen teeth

Please excuse the morning makeup-less pic as well as the Old Yeller foam.

As you can see, the Plaque HD toothpaste foams up a bright turquoise and after a vigorous brushing and spit, reveals the areas on your teeth with remaining plaque by turning it teal. Here is Eve after her brushing with it, and you can see the teal outline around her teeth where plaque remains and where she went back and better brushed to remove it.

green teeth 1

The teal disclosing agents are plant-based and all natural, by the way. And it tastes just like regular toothpaste.

According to what I have read, dentists and orthodontists are heralding this paste as awesome for kids with braces who may have a tough time getting all the plaque from around their brackets and hardware. We are not in bracesville yet, but all three of my kids and both parents tried it out and we found this an effective way to ensure we brushed thoroughly.

Recommend! You can find Plaque HD professional toothpaste on Amazon for $14.95.

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