Four year old boy feeding goats at his family’s farm in Uganda made possible by donations to Heifer International. 

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We have seven million LEGOS.

Closets of clothes.

Posses of princess dolls.

Baskets overflowing with stuffed animals.

Cupboards bursting with games.

So many books that we rotate which ones will be displayed on our shelves.

In our privileged American lives, we have so much stuff that we even buy books and hire people to help us pare down our stuff.

Except for our young, growing children, the rest of us truly do not need more things.

But in most places around the world, the gift of some important agricultural animals and supplies can make a massive difference in the lives of impoverished families. Instead of giving someone in your family yet another sweater, you can gift in their honor an animal through Heifer International that will provide a family in need with both food and reliable income. The milk, eggs and honey generated from your honor gift will help a family struggling somewhere else in the world or right here in America sell goods at market, feed their families and gain a new sustainable income.

A cashmere sweater at J. Crew, even on Cyber Monday with a friends and family promo code, is what, $140? Well, for $120 at Heifer International you can give an entire GOAT in your loved one’s honor. And the ripples from your gift will keep spreading like a blessed stone in a pond. For through Heifer International’s Passing on the Gift program, the family who received your goat honor gift will pass on the first female kid born of that goat to another needy family in their community. This extends the impact of the original gift, allowing a once impoverished family to become donors and full participants in improving their communities.


Young woman in Nepal with one of the goat kids her family received through Heifer International after the Nepal earthquake of 2015 

Once I learned this amazing system, I will never again look at a cashmere sweater on Cyber Monday the same way. I was so happy to share this beautiful Heifer International honor gift catalog with my children as well. We discussed the gifts that mean something beyond the moment of opening on Christmas morning, and how some gifts can make a huge impact for others.

I invite you to share the Heifer International site with your own children, and learn more about these incredible ways to give this holiday season and throughout the year.

This post was produced with support from Heifer International. All opinions are, of course, my own.


Mary Bone, an Arkansas farmer and Heifer USA project participant

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