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We are having the best sleep of our lives on our Sapira by Leesa mattress

After fifteen years of marriage, there is one thing that Chris and I are just now getting right.

The right mattress. 

We have both spent the entire decade of our thirties hating the surface on which we would sleep, plus some of the twenties and forties thrown in for good measure.

Those wonky mattress years covered pregnancies, births of three children, graduate degrees and thousands of work hours  — some of the most strenuous years of our lives. And we invested in what we thought were good mattresses!

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After purchasing our first home after a year of marriage, we decided to treat ourselves to a traditional coil spring mattress with some fancy pillow top action. We bought it new! From a department store! We thought we were cool. Just two years later, this expensive mattress had two expansive “trenches” from our bodies. We contacted the retailer, switched out the mattress for another one of the same type and brand, and had two new trenches within the year.

Then when we moved to our next home, we decided a totally new mattress type was in order. This time we went with an expensive mattress made completely of memory foam. We kind of liked this mattress at first…and then slowly grew to loathe its lack of support and firmness. And in time, we again developed the dreaded trenches. At bedtime Chris and I would kiss at the top of our hill in the middle and then slide into our wells on either side. Our backs ached and we dreaded going to bed.

We had to stop this insanity.

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This spring we started to search for the highest quality mattress possible that would help us achieve the supportive, comfortable, restful sleep of our dreams. We read reviews. We consulted online articles. We researched this decision with more care than the purchase of our last two cars. This time we were NOT going to get it wrong!

At the top of every best mattress list out there was the Sapira by Leesa mattress. Unlike our previous buys, the Sapira is a fusion of pocket springs and high performance foams. It is a hybrid mattress that marries the comfort of the highest tech foams with the support of thousands of premium steel pocket springs, using the latest technologies of both mattress types.

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Chris and I now know why our previous mattresses let us down, literally. There is a major lack of edge support in foam mattresses, and even standard mattresses use the same coils throughout – leaving the edges with less support and integrity. The Sapira by Leesa mattress uses a quantum-edge spring technology which adds two rows of extra supportive springs to the perimeter of the mattress. No more sagging and no more of that uncomfortable “roll-off” feeling.

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Encasing the supportive coils are four levels of cutting edge performance foams. There is a cooling foam layer on top that does not retain heat, allowing air flow cooling and enough bounce for freedom of movement. Below that is the pressure relieving memory foam layer which provides body contouring and pressure relief to relax your body. Next, sandwiching the core support layer of pocket springs, are layers of high resiliency stabilizing foam. The entire mattress is then wrapped in a fire-retardant fabric and finally zipped up with their iconic and luxurious hand-sewn cover with a pretty pattern.

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We can feel the difference. Our Sapira by Leesa king mattress feels the same whether you’re sleeping in the center, on either side, or sitting right on the edge. Our bodies are perfectly balanced and strongly, cozily supported. We do not feel the mattress move or bounce at all when one of us gets in or out of bed, or a child or cat joins us mid-sleep (the mattress experts call this “zero motion transfer”). This factor is key when you are share a bed with your sweetheart…and kids…and pets.


Purchasing our Sapira by Leesa mattress online was so convenient, and shipping was free! No driving around to showrooms or waiting for delivery people. The mattress was shipped free and packed air tight. We simply carried our box to our bedroom, carefully opened and the mattress began to expand. It was easy peasy. If you cannot easily move a mattress on your own or with a friend, you can also choose optional white glove service and delivery persons can set it up for you.

We also feel great that our Sapira by Leesa is made in the USA with all American-made materials. And there is a social good element to each purchase! For every 10 Sapira by Leesa mattresses sold, one will be donated to a non-profit that serves homeless and at-risk men, women and children as they transition to better lives and homes.

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Chris and I used to look forward to sleeping in hotels on vacation due to the mattresses. Now we never want to leave home to sleep on anything besides our Sapira by Leesa.

Do you need a new mattress? Are you fighting trench warfare? Do you dread going to bed? I understand! But you can get $200 off your own Sapira by Leesa mattress! Just enter code PARENTINAMERICA at checkout for your exclusive $200 off savings.

You will receive free shipping on your order, and you can also try your mattress for 100 sleeps. If you do not find the Sapira by Leesa the best mattress you have ever slept upon, you can return it within 100 days for a full refund and free return shipping.

We highly recommend the Sapira by Leesa mattress. After 15 years of mattress mishaps, we are finally having the sleep of our dreams.

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We received a Sapira by Leesa mattress for review. No additional compensation received. All opinions are my own. 

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